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The voyage with Polarstern to Jubany

Posted by Ulrike Falk (ZFL), Germany on 25 February 2011

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Once again by ship, we left the continent to our next expedition to Jubany. For Hilke it would be the first trip to the Antarctic and we were both very excited, also because we were now travelling on board of the Polarstern.

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The Polarstern arrived to pick up our boxes make us fly!!

Posted by Francesca Pasotti (University of Ghent), Belgium on 25 February 2011


On Monday morning at 6.30 the alarm clock woke me up from my 4 hours of sleep. I wanted to be present at the beach for the arrival of the research vessel Polarstern and assist with loading all our home-going cargo and say good-by to colleagues from the Jubany research group. [blog in English and Spanish]

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