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  • Carlini (ex Jubany) Station & Dallmann Laboratory (66 photos)

    Impressions from the Argentinean Carlini (Ex Jubany) Station at Potter Cove on King-George Island with the associated German Dallmann Laboratory. Since 1994, Argentine and German scientists conduct cooperative projects. In 2005, The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research joined the collaboration, so Dallmann Laboratory became the first trilateral research facility in Antarctica.
  • Potter Cove and Glacier (71 photos)

    Impressions from Potter Cove and Fourcade Glacier on King George Island
  • Melting glaciers (19 photos)

    Images of melting glaciers and meltwater streams that run into Potter Cove, transporting loads of sediments into the cove.
  • Field Work (79 photos)

    Images of scientist working in Potter Cove and surroundings.
  • Antarctic Animals (80 photos)

    Various images of the most common animals in the Potter Cove region (King George Island)
  • Underwater (30 photos)

    Underwater images of marine life in Potter Cove
  • Icebergs (38 photos)

    Various images of icebergs in the Potter Cove & Maxwell Bay (King George Island)
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