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Data management


One major goal of IMCOAST is the compilation, integration and dissemination of existing data, including yet unpublished resources. The concept is to prevent that these data due to limited distribution outside their place of origin, are getting lost in the future.

Therefore, IMCOAST is compiling this information with the PANGAEA- Publishing Network for Geological and Environmental Data. Our data, including related meta-information, are sustainably archived and accessible at WDC-MARE, using a persistent identification as provided through the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) system. The data exchange between project partners and the availability of products and published data to the scientific community will be established through PANGAEA's existing client/server system and web services on the Internet. Any data and maps from IMCOAST will be freely available in Open Access through the various PANGAEA web clients and services (search engines, portals, library catalogs).


Already compiled IMCOAST data and meta-data are available here.


Data Policy

  1. All data have to be uploaded into PANGAEA as soon as data sets are completed and will be secured by a password prior publication to prevent uncontrolled usage of the data
  2. Secured data can only be accessed by the IMCOAST data manager and the owner of the data (scientists, institutions)
  3. As soon as data sets are published, they will be publically accessible in PANGAEA
  4. Metadata are publically accessible in PANGAEA
  5. IMCOAST collaborators who want to access specific data sets have to contact the owner of the data to discuss and agree on data sharing
  6. Agreements of data sharing have to be confirmed with the IMCOAST data manager
  7. The IMCOAST data manager has access to all data sets and can use these in agreement with the owners
  8. If previously published data become part of a new publication (new analysis), all owners have to be invited to participate. It is their decision whether or not to accept this invitation. Simply providing access to previously published data sets does not entitle to be co-author on a publication. The data owners also have to be involved in the new analysis and contribute to the publication concept and writing.
  9. All IMCOAST data sets will be made publically available latest two years after the end of the project (i.e. March 2015)
  10. IMCOAST will not tolerate scientific misconduct and data abuse
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