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Green Antarctica...and the first day of sampling

Posted by Valeria Bers, AWI, Germany on 7 February 2013

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In the first days here at Carlini station, the weather did not permit us to go out with the zodiacs - the wind was just too strong. But as soon as th the sun came out, I went for a walk around the station and was amazed, how green the island gets in the summer, when the snow had melted away.

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Arrival at Carlini and setup of the labs

Posted by Susann Henkel (University of Cologne), Ulrike Falk (ZFL), Germany on 7 January 2013

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After roundabout ten hours of travelling from Buenos Aires, we arrived at King George Island in the evening of January 2nd. From Frei/Bellingshausen (the Chilean and Russian stations) we were brought to Carlini station by the Argentinian ship Castillo.

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Work and life

Posted by Ulrike Falk (ZFL), Germany on 2 November 2012


Working in such a fascinating environment is a pleasure despite the harsh conditions, like the cold and the strong winds that can blow you off your feet, but also the isolation of the place and the contraints of moving space. 

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Arrival at Carlini

Posted by Ulrike Falk (ZFL), Germany on 29 September 2012

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This year, the arrival to the Argentine station on King George Island was very smooth. The Chilean Hercules left at 8:20 on September 25. after arriving on the Fieldes Peninsula, King George Island, I just waited about an hour at the landing strip for the weather to clear up so that the helicopter could take of.

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Winter is coming back

Posted by Harald Poigner (AWI), Germany on 26 March 2012

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More than a week ago the last scientists and our two AWI colleagues, Dirk and Eberhard, left the station to make their way home.

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