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Arrival at Carlini and setup of the labs

Posted by Susann Henkel (University of Cologne), Ulrike Falk (ZFL), Germany on 7 January 2013

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After roundabout ten hours of travelling from Buenos Aires, we arrived at King George Island in the evening of January 2nd. From Frei/Bellingshausen (the Chilean and Russian stations) we were brought to Carlini station by the Argentinian ship Castillo.

Although we arrived in the middle of the night, many people in the station had stayed up and welcomed us warmly at the shore. The first few days here went by comparatively relaxed. Since there were heavy winds already for a couple of days, we didn´t have to hurry with setting up all the laboratories and the equipment. We cannot go out sampling or to the glacier anyway. One day of calm winds allowed us to check on the glacier stations to see that everything was up and running fine thanks to the fine work of the overwinterer Damián López. Today, the wind gusts were forecasted to reach 54 knots. So for safety reasons we do not leave the Dallmann main house. We and all the other scientists in the station (biologists, geologists and oceanographers) desperately wait for good weather conditions to start or continue the research programs.

Hasta pronto!

Uli and me enjoying travelling in the Herkules

Uli and Damián in front of the newly painted “tomatoes”

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