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My second visit to Jubany

Posted by Ann Vanreusel (Ghent University), Belgium on 27 February 2012

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This is my second visit to Jubany. I have already visited the Jubany station in January-February 2010 and that was an extraordinary experience. So I was really excited to find out that also this year our application was approved and that I could leave for another expedition to this wonderful place near Potter Cove on King Georges Island. 

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First dives for me...not a very lucky day!

Posted by Francesca Pasotti (University of Ghent), Belgium on 15 February 2011

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Today I have been on the zodiac together with the Argentinean divers, Jorge, Sergio and Eduardo and Gaston in order to sample some cores from my 3 stations.

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Bailando al ritmo de los sedimentos - The sediment dancers

Posted by Tamara Manograsso Czalbowski (IAA), Argentina & Patrick Monien (ICBM), Germany on 12 February 2011

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Somos Tamara Manograsso Czalbowski, del Instituto Antàrtico Argentino, y Patrick Monien, del Instituto de la Química y la Biología del Mar de Alemania. [blog in Spanish and English]

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