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A walk on the ice

Posted by Ulrike Falk (ZFL), Germany on 1 November 2012


In early October, the divers and the overwintering scientist Damián at the Carlini base made an excursion onto the sea ice near the glacier calving front of the Fourcade glacier.

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New ice-free areas in Potter Cove, an opportunity for ascidian´s populations?

Posted by Cristian Lagger, Ricardo Sahade (UNC), Argentina on 18 May 2011

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A rapid retreatment of Fourcade glacier could be associated with a significant increase of air temperature over the past 15 years in Potter Cove.

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Control del frente del glaciar Fourcade - Monitoring the retreat of Fourcade-Collins glacier

Posted by Natalia Herrera, Hernán Sala & Adrián Silva Busso (IAA), Argentina on 21 February 2011

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Hace tan solo uno pocos años el retrocesos del Glaciar Fourcade (Próximo a la Base Jubany) ha dejado zonas descubiertas de hielo, entre ellas un conjunto de pequeñas islas en la Caleta Potter. [blog in Spanish and English] 

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