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Research Stations at King George Island

Posted by Valeria Bers, AWI, Germany on 3 February 2013


Our trip to Carlini took quite some time. From Buenos Aires via Santiago de Chile and Punta Arenas finally with “Antarctic Airways” to the Chilean station Frei.

On Frei, we were welcomed with a hot meal and drinks – and had afterwards the opportunity to take a stroll around Frei and the adjacent Russian station Bellingshausen, with it’s lovely, tiny orthodox cathedral.

In the afternoon we were picked up by staff of the Argentinean Carlini station, but on our way, we stopped at Carlini’s closest neighbors, the Korean Station King Sejong in Marian Cove. Here again, we received a warm welcome with food and drinks, and were shown around the facilities. Finally, after a long day of travelling, we arrived at dinner time at Carlini station. Being involved in the IMCOAST project for almost three years now, it was however the first time for me to visit the station and to be able to work here for a couple of weeks. What a great experience…!


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