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Posted by Ulrike Falk (ZFL), Germany on 8 February 2012

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After our rather late arrival at Jubany station, we first had to deal with several problems connected to the last overwintering crew like missing or broken equipment. But after a two weeks of reorganization and a lot of help of the present station's crew and commander, we find ourselves in the middle of a very nice and smooth campaign.

Our glacier group consists of Hilke, Gunter and me from University Bonn and Eugenio and HernĂ¡n from the IAA in Buenos Aires. Our work went really smooth due to our great group work, the extensive help from the Jubany station mechanics and other crews, and last but not least to the exceptionally good weather! Sunshine on Potter glacier - it is really amazing! So, we found ourselves in the midst of a very successful campaign although with a reduced program, and now we are about to finalize our work for the winter time.

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  • Un gran saludos a toda esa gente que labura en los glaciares y me siento muy feliz de haber podido contribuir para custodiar esos instrumentos en los glaciares, junto al Colo y toda la CAI 2010. Un fuerte abrazo a todos y muchos exitos.
    Y me gusto mucho el comentario y comparto lo mismo.

    Posted by Manolo, 18/02/2012 4:06am (10 years ago)

  • Nice photo!!!. Just remembered when Uli & Hilke come back to work on the project after two/three months of absence after the initial setup of te equipment. During that time Diego, Manolo, the Chief and I were taking care of it; not big deal just routine work and minor tweaks. At the first visit to the glacier with U&H ALL the equipment was on the ice floor floating in water. I didn't say a word, couldn't, a nightmare mess. Then we spend several hours putting everything on his foot to return the next day, and again, everything on the floor (angry emoticon here).
    But the rewards were outstanding, working on a glacier riding the skydoos, looking the whole island from the heights with the Tres Hermanos hill below the view line and the Yamana nunatak only 500 meters away. Having null visibility and minutes later that spectacular view: the contrast of the intense white glacier at your feet with the blue sea at the left, far front of you is the Potter cove, and Nelson island on the horizon dissapearing in the mist. Jubany station looks like an orange anthill with little mobile stains around. In another ocassion deep in the glaciar surrounded by a passing cloud, you can't see any color but white, no division between sky, glacier, front/back/down/up; feeling being floating inside the clouds. Unique and memorable views, sounds, and experiences that last forever...
    Congratulations for the completion of the work, it's intense, challenging and exhausting; but also one of the most exciting and plentiful experiences I can imagine.

    Posted by Colo (Daniel), 09/02/2012 1:56pm (10 years ago)

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