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Christmas in Jubany

Posted by Dolores Deregibus (IAA), Argentina on 25 December 2011

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The last days have been very interesting in Jubany! The weather has improved a lot and we have been busy working in the Caleta.

We have finished with the spring macroalgae succession and photosynthetic experiments and with the continuous PAR measurements in the different studied newly ice-free areas. Also we had the great opportunity to be able to work with Anne’s filming equipment and to see and save great images of Potter Cove’s sea floor.



Furthermore, in the “Pinguinera” Lucrecia Longarzo was able to capture the visit of a couple of King Penguins who were just wondering in the middle of the Adelia’s and Papua’s penguin colony here in Jubany!



Now we are organizing the samplings and experiments to perform during the summer campaign and waiting for the big group of colleagues who are supposed to arrive today to Jubany. We wish a Feliz 2012 to everybody! And thanks for all the support!


























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