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01/06/2011 - Results of the 3rd IMCOAST workshop in Germany

In May, we had a workshop at  AWI in Bremerhaven with about 40 participants including all active groups and some invited speakers such as Prof. Fernando Momo from Buenos Aires and Jöran März from Oldenburg, and guests with new projects such as Dr. Veronica Fuentes from Barcelona.We were especially happy to welcome some IMCOAST partners from Argentina, including Dr. Liliana Quartino and Dr. Sergio Marenssi from IAA.

There were two days of presentations of first results from the past field season and the resulting plans for the coming season. Further we had two days of presentations of the different modeling approaches within the program.
It was really good to see how planning this whole program is now working out into science units that fit together and supply answers to our "big questions" , but also result in many new and exciting findings and unexpected results.
The modelling days were especially exciting because this is where the IMCOAST primary data will really be fused into more comprehensive cause and effect models (mathematically describable relationships). Whereas in some sections of IMCOAST models are already "available", others have to built new models with new approaches.



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